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Tomás Chiscano joins Escubedo as Quality Manager

We continue to move forward with sustained excellence as our goal.

Continuous improvement is always one of Escubedo's workhorses in all areas, especially in quality control.

Tomás Chiscano has joined the team as the new Quality Manager to constantly design and optimize all processes according to the very high quality standards the market demands.

“I pursue the maximum rigor in processes definition. To make it more robust. If we want to play in an important league in the automotive market, we must have very controlled processes to avoid rejections and derogations.”

We continue to focus on problem prevention and solving, building a totally solid system for all company processes in compliance with the IATF 16949:2016 international standard.

“It is important to update the document structure of the system, make it more practical and applicable, more real. For me it is a very interesting challenge that I face with enthusiasm together with my team and the rest of the areas of the company, which are also very committed to the change.”

Welcome, Tomás!