Escubedo Group


The ESCUBEDO group is a worldwide organisation that seeks to work as closely as possible with clients in order to give them what they need. Our philosophy is based on the values of expansion, contribution to the territory and an attitude of partnership. Accordingly, we are present in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East, and we enter each territory with the aim of generating wealth and social improvements and a desire to establish lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers.

ESCUBEDO. Our premises in Riudellots de la Creu (Girona) contain the group's largest facilities. In addition to housing the company's administration offices, it includes the Research, Innovation and Design Department and a production plant of over 10,000 m2.

ESCUMEX. The Mexican subsidiary was founded in the year 2000, and has a surface area of over 2,000 m2. It includes an injection plant for the manufacture of connectors and technical parts for the automotive sector and a distribution platform for the Mexican market.

ESCUBRAS. In 2006 we established our subsidiary in Brazil, to meet the great demand of the Brazilian market and the need for an excellent logistical infrastructure. We now have in São Paulo a basic platform for distributing our products to the entire South American market.

ESCUNORDIC AB. In 2009 we opened our subsidiary in Sweden with the aim of serving our clients in the north of Europe, thanks to our collaboration with the Schafer and Schafer Sweden group. In this way, we continue with our spirit of expansion and offering the best service to the entire European market.

ESCUTURCO. One of the subsidiaries in which we have the greatest confidence started life in the year 2009 in Turkey. This is one of our company's most ambitious projects. We have always found great acceptance in the Middle East market, and the evolution of Turkey as one of the world's largest manufacturers of white goods makes our presence there even more appropriate.

ESCUBEDOUSA. We opened our subsidiary in the USA in 2011. After ten years of operation in Central and South America, we decided to enter and meet the needs of the highly competitive North American market.

ESCUASIA. Our Chinese branch was set up in 2015 in order to satisfy the company’s strong growth in the Asian market. With the aim of providing a better service to customers in East Asia, we launched one of our most ambitious ventures by opening a shop in Jiading (Shanghai). 

ESCUEGYPT. As a result of our expansion in Turkey, on 2021 we have decided to create our base in Egypt to give service to all sorrounding countries and Africa. We have the team to be able to give the best service to one of the most important potential markets for white good industry