The Escubedo group has always been fully committed to quality and professionalism, and this has enabled us to distribute our products all around the world. The confidence shown in us by companies in over 50 countries is the best guarantee that our products comply with the values of sustainability, innovation, expansion, growth, territory of origin and partnership.

  • Sustainability


    Sustainability and the environment are two concepts that are intrinsically linked to all our processes. We are concerned for the future of our planet and we want to contribute to its protection by guaranteeing to the full the preservation of the environment by reducing wastes and gas emissions.

  • Innovation


    The world is evolving very quickly, and our aim is to be always up to date in meeting our clients' needs. Consequently, we dedicate substantial resources to the areas of research and innovation, with great efforts of creativity and energy that we apply to our designs and production processes.

  • Expansion


    In the year 2000 we began our programme of international expansion. Since then, we have set ourselves the target of reaching any point of the world that requires the suitability and quality of our products. With this goal constantly in mind, year after year we are growing and creating new subsidiaries in order to reach new markets.

  • Excellence


    We are constantly developing to attain maximum precision in producing our products, in creating more company intelligence to glean and apply further knowledge and in opening subsidiaries to expand know-how and to increase distribution.

  • Territory of origin

    Territory of origin

    With the purpose of geographical expansion around the world, we seek to generate wealth in the territories we enter by generating employment and improving social conditions. We like to feel part of every place where we work and to make our contribution to it.

  • Partnership


    Our relationship with clients and suppliers is based on the value of mutual confidence. In this way, we have achieved long-lasting links, in some cases of over 25 years, that enable us to offer a highly reliable and firmly consolidated product.