New UP-TP SEK 3 Series

With lower male-female insertion forces.

The new UP-TP SEK 3 series is a rectangular-shaped terminal that allows us to achieve lower male-female insertion forces. 

First connection millimetres are only designed to ensure guidance during the male entrance, avoiding terminal deformations. No prepositioning is needed. 

Due to the low insertion force, this series permits multiway low insertion connections and easy disconnection by the connector. 

When the male gets its final position inside the female a self-locking system mechanically locks it into the female. The sound produced is an extra guarantee that the connection has been made correctly. 

As a self-locking terminal, it keeps the property of high pull-out effort disconnection by the wire. 

The UP-TP SEK3 series is designed to be used either with or without housing.

  • Manual disconnection: if housing is not used, male and female can be easily disconnected by pressing the locking device with the finger.
  • Housing disconnection: housings are designed to help the disconnection by pressing the locking device with a short movement. 

Also, its design allows B-Crimping Shape in straight and flag terminals in both wire and insulation sides instead of the common O-crimping. 

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