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Escubedo robotics workshop for families

Thanks to Escubedo's collaboration with Innova't Educació, Escubedo's workers could participate in a robotics workshop for families.

On Saturday, February 15th, Escubedo's workers with 6 to 14 year-old children enjoyed a robotics workshop for families by Innova't Educació, pioneers in the use of educational robotics as a corporate and multidisciplinary learning tool.

Fifteen children and their parents attended the workshop, hosted at Escubedo's corporate headquarters in Riudellots de la Creu (Girona). There, they could carry out various very attractive proposals within the field of robotics, depending on the children's age and knowledge level.

In addition, they met the members of the Innova't Educació team that take part in international robotics competitions, and they also could see the competition robot. A great success that both young children and their parents enjoyed a lot!

Escubedo's robotics workshop for families is the result of the collaboration between Escubedo SAU and Innova't Educació. Escubedo SAU finances the Innova't Educació team that takes part in international robotics competitions.

Escubedo gave the participating children a cotton bag, which contained a small healthy breakfast and some merchandising items.