COVID situation update

Information on possible effects on the product supply chain due to the increase in pandemic cases.

Based on the recent news about the increased cases of COVID in Europe, Escubedo would like to inform you about the latest situation.

Escubedo is proud to say that, today, the production capacity is still maintained on the highest level, assuring the service that it’s used to be given. This is thanks to the job we have been doing by preventing possible issues that the Pandemic could cause on us.

However, the mentioned received news about the increases pandemic cases makes us fully alert to the possible negative impacts that may cause in our product supply chain in order to try to reflect this impact to the least possible degree.

Let us inform you that we have recently received a Force Majeure Letter from one of our suppliers directly impacting on their deliveries. Our commercial department will contact you if your concrete part deliveries are affected. If there is no contact means no affection.

We would like to point out that the disruptions caused by the pandemic represent an event of force majeure, against whose occurrence we are powerless. We therefore take the liberty of referring to clause 6.3 of our general terms of delivery available on our website download area.

Let us take advantage to wish you a healthy Christmas.