All Escubedo S.A. products are grouped on three levels, the combination of which almost completely describes the design, functionality and characteristics of terminal or connector.

By range

Depending on the design adopted to create specific terminal functions, Escubedo terminals are, in turn, divided into ranges.

Each gives the terminal certain mechanical or electrical features which improve their performance with the aim of providing connections that comply perfectly with the requirements of the function they are expected to perform.

Of all the Escubedo ranges, we would like to highlight the following for their different properties and features:

By series

On this group level we find all the terminals of a similar size that can therefore be grouped together. The main grouping variable is the size of the connection. We thus find all the 1,5-mm, 2,3-mm, 2,8-mm series, etc...

This grouping level is used to carry out the first classification in the catalogue, and gives rise to its different chapters, from the UP-MOD series to the special terminals series.

By families

We understand family to mean the basic designs into which a terminal can be divided.

This basically affects plug-in terminals, amongst which we have receptacles, connector receptacles, flags, connector flags, tabs, etc...

This grouping level generates the different pages of a chapter in each series.