Escunews - October 2014 Edition

New selection of low-insertion and self-locking terminals: UPSEK3

Escubedo has created UPSEK3, a new range of terminals initially available in the 6.3 mm female range, with wire sections from 0.35 to 1.5 mm2 made from brass, tinplated brass and nickel-plated steel.

These new terminals have a self locking mechanism that allows them to function with ferric materials, which makes it possible to use them in high-temperature settings. They use a low-insertion and ultra low-insertion security terminal to easily and securely make multipath connections. The new UPSEK3 selection may be applied to RAST 5 solutions.

For more information on this range visit our webpage:


UPLOK terminal improvement


Escubedo has modified the standard UPLOK terminals that did not permit the application of a secondary lock on connectors. The improvement applied resolves the lack of UP-LOK connections with TPA or a secondary lock. The geometry of  these terminals was changed between the crimping zone and the contact zone to guarantee that they are always inserted in the connector in the same position. We have used the same philosophy in the connector as in the UPFIT selection, acting as a secondary lock.

UPLOK2 has a collapsible cover on the connector which, once closed, ensures that the terminal is in its position, guaranteeing the secondary lock’s operation. The dimensions of these connectors and terminals are completely compatible with the UPLOK range, and it is also possible to make male-female connections between the two ranges with no problems.

Increase in Product and Process Engineering and Laboratory divisions

After an internal reorganisation of the surface area treatment division, Escubedo continues to internally improve their plant by increasing the Product and Process Engineering and Laboratory divisions.

This way, the engineering department may better manage the implementation of high-productivity processes with a great level of trustworthiness. These processes must be present for all sorts of products developed recently, and are needed to provide the market with totally trustworthy, 100%-verified solutions.

The laboratory area was also increased, which means a qualitative advance in department tasks and an improvement comfort-wise.


Renewal of the AENOR certificate: TS-16949


Escubedo is keeping its commitment to quality, successfully passing AENOR’s maintenance audit based on the TS-16949 certification. In this way, the commitment to offer a quality service and to keep improving in all processes continues to govern.

To see Escubedo’s quality certificates, please see the download area on the webpage or click here.