ESCUTURCO, the Turkish subsidiary of Escubedo, buys the Connectors Division of Bimed Teknik.

ESCUTURCO, the Turkish subsidiary of Escubedo, buys the Connectors Division of Bimed Teknik

Escubedo began its journey in Turkey in 1991 and in 2009 the ESCUTURCO subsidiary was created. With ESCUTURCO we merged Escubedo technology and local production facilities in order to focus production on the Turkish market.

From the beginning, customer interest and production in the Turkish market have grown hand in hand to offer high quality technological products and one-to-one service.

Despite the occasional global crisis and the current pandemic we are experiencing around the world, Escubedo has maintained and increased its confidence in the Turkish market. Therefore, we’ve acquired the connector division of Bimed Teknik, which includes the areas of Sales, R&D, Manufacturing, Laboratory and Colombo Sergio (CS) distributorship, incorporating them all into ESCUTURCO and, therefore, to Escubedo.

ESCUTURCO has now a strong and steady team of 65 members with endless energy and enthusiasm to continue offering our customers the same innovative designs and the same excellence in service under the same corporate roof.

We are aware that the most valuable asset of our company are our customers and employees. Combining the strengths of Escubedo and Bimed Teknik in ESCUTURCO, we believe we are able to enrich this asset even more.

From 1 April 2021, production and sales will be moved to Osmangazi Mah facilities (Hadımköy Yolu Cd. No: 44 Esenyurt in Istanbul).

From 1 January 2021, connectors and terminals sales will be invoiced by ESCUTURCO. Any contracts and agreements that Bimed Teknik signed with its customers will remain in full force and effect under the guarantee of ESCUTURCO.

We are very proud to continue moving forward and facing new challenges and projects and we want to thank our customers, partners and suppliers for continuing to stand by us on this path.