Escunews - February 2019 Edition

Our new facilities, soon up and running

Escubedo continues to grow and thrive to optimize our work and keep our customers fully satisfied.

Gradually, during the course of 2019, Escubedo's new facilities in Riudellots de la Creu (Girona) will be set up. The first stage will start with the commissioning of the new 3,000-square-metre warehouse.

This new warehouse will include three fully automated lines to store 20,000 cartons, together with new shelves for pallet storage. Goods receipts will be made automatically with SSI Schaefer Weasel® robots and at the end of the automated lines, a palletizing robot will palletise all our shipments.

Three loading docks will also increase the efficiency of our logistic processes.


New PCB male plane tabs


Escubedo adds the new PCB male plane tabs with part numbers 9820 / 9822 / 9823 to its product range.

PCB male plane tabs with part numbers 9820 / 9822 / 9823 are already available in the Escubedo catalogue since the end of 2018.

These males will be automatically line mounted on the PCB board to supply them in a standardised way.

All the information about these new PCB male plane tabs can be found in the following links in our website:

Male plane tabs UP-STA series

6.3 mm males 9820 series

Growth in automotive component exports

During the first two four-month periods of 2018, Spanish automotive suppliers exports grew an average of 9% compared to 2017, according to SERNAUTO.

If we break it down by four-month periods, we find that from January to April 2018 Spanish automotive equipment and components were exported for a value of almost 7,300 million euros (9.4% more than in the same period of 2017) and from May to August the figure was almost 7,000 million euros (8.6% more than in the same months of 2017).

The European Union was the main destination for Spanish exports of automotive components, with a market share ranging from 70.6% to 72.3%, and which in the two four-month periods amounted to a turnover of 10,205 million euros. From January to August 2018, the following countries led this evolution of exports with positive growth rates: Portugal (33%), France (10.9%), Poland (9.35%), Germany (4.3%), the Czech Republic (4.05%) and the United Kingdom (1.85%).

In the rest of the world, Morocco was the first market outside the European Union, with a total of 593 million euros and a growth of 3.05% compared to 2017, while the United States remained in second position, with 562 million euros, despite having suffered a slowdown of 0.25%. Third, with a total of 422 million euros, was China, which grew 16.7% over the two four-month periods.

Also noteworthy were exports of Spanish automotive components to Algeria, a market that experienced a strong growth of 4.5% compared to the same period in 2017, reaching 315 million euros. South Africa (42.15%), Brazil (25.55%) and Russia (16%) followed.

See the details of Spanish automotive component exports during the second four-month period of 2018.

See the details of Spanish automotive component exports during the first four-month period of 2018.