Escunews - April 2018 Edition

Increase in car sales in 2017

The ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association) has published its Economic and Market Report for the fourth quarter of 2017 with the latest figures on the registration, production and trade of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, both in Europe and around the world.

According to the report, car sales increased by 3.8% in Europe in 2017, while globally there was a slightly lower increase of 3.2%. This global figure was influenced by lower passenger car sales in the United States, which fell by 3.3%. Nevertheless, some 80 million passenger cars were sold around the world.

As regards fuel type, petrol vehicles were the most sold car type in the EU-15 in 2017 with a 49.4% market share. Meanwhile, the market share of diesel vehicles fell to 44.8%.

Another key takeaway of the ACEA report is that the EU accounted for more than 21% of global car production in 2017. Furthermore, 5.6 million cars were exported by the EU in 2017, worth almost €128 billion. Figures for commercial vehicle output and exports in Europe were not as strong but still showed a healthy growth of 2.9% and 4.3%, respectively.

Download the ACEA Economic and Market Report.


UL approval for the terminals in the UP-TP SEK range


Escubedo has obtained UL and VDE approval for some of its most successful products. Both standards are recognised all over the world as seals of quality and safety.

All the terminals and protectors of the 6.3 and 4.8 mm series in our UP-TP SEK3 range have now been granted UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approval. This means that these Escubedo products fulfil the rules and regulations in force regarding potential fire risk, electric shock and mechanical hazards.

Meanwhile, the European VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik) seal has been granted for the 5820.00 and 5814.00 terminals of our UP-TP low insertion range.

For more information on these products and approvals, please contact our technical or sales department.

New management of the EscuAsia subsidiary

Lluís Ybero, with whom we opened our China subsidiary in order to serve our Southeast Asia customers, has had to step down as manager of our EscuAsia subsidiary for personal reasons. Consequently, Eduard Baulida, until now the manager of our Brazil subsidiary, has taken over as manager of EscuAsia and began work in his new role at the start of the year. Here at Escubedo SAU headquarters we’d like to thank Eduard for all his good work in Brazil and wish him the very best in this new adventure in Asia with us.

This management change has obviously led to changes in the Brazil subsidiary. The management of Escubedo Brazil is now in the hands of Joan Sardà, who is also the manager of Escubedo’s subsidiary in Mexico, while Anderson Carvalho is the new sales manager of the Brazilian subsidiary.