Escunews - April 2016 Edition

The Escubedo App, a new tool for consulting the product catalogue

Last February, Escubedo presented its app for mobiles, a new tool for consulting all the Escubedo products from mobile devices and offline.

The app, available in App Store and Google Play, presents the products in three levels: by range, series and family and the advanced search can be used to find products using parameters such as cable section, the diameter of the insulation, male connectors, the thickness of the material and the quantity per coil.

The functions of the app feature the possibility of requesting samples and consultation and advanced search of the complete catalogue. The App is available in Catalan, Spanish and English.


ESCUBEDO adds new terminals to the UPTP SEK3 range


After having created the UPTP SEK3 range with the 6.3 mm straight female terminals, Escubedo has now added the 6-3 mm female flag terminals and the 4.8 mm straight female terminals.

The terminal design permits them to be both disconnected manually as a connector and applied in 5 mm patch panels. One of the most important points for Escubedo is the fact that the design permits the use of nickel-plated steel in the production of these terminals, while maintaining the safety function.

New location of the Escubedo subsidiary in Brazil

For the purpose of increasing the logistical and growth capacity of Escubedo’s subsidiary in Brazil, the ESCUBRAS offices and main warehouse have been moved to the city of Hortolândia. The new premises are located in a top-level logistics park with excellent connections for distributing the products throughout the South American market.

Escubedo’s headquarters in Brazil, which double the size of the warehouse and have space for future extensions, will help the subsidiary to grow and confront the challenges to come.

The end of March saw the completion of the Escubras headquarters’ move to the new location, close to the division’s current customers. The Escubras team, proud of the change, hopes to offer its customers and the sector better service.

The following are the new contact details and those of the location:

Rua das Castanheiras, 200 - Galpão 58 -Jardim Boa Vista
Hortolândia – São Paulo
Tel. 55/11 5182 6469
Tel. 55/11 98526 9738


Escumex opens a new warehouse in Mexico City


Escumex, the Escubedo Group’s subsidiary in Mexico, has opened new headquarters in the Federal District with the aim of improving its service to the customers in the metropolitan area of Mexico City.

Following the move to Querétaro, Escubedo had no logistics base in Mexico City. The growth experienced in the Mexican market has led to the establishment of a logistics base in this area of the Republic of Mexico.

Escumex was founded in the year 2000. It has an installed surface area of over 2,000 m2. It encompasses an injection plant for producing connectors and technical parts for the automotive industry and a distribution platform for the Mexican market.