Escunews_October 2015 Edition

H7 lamp Connector with secondary lock


Escubedo has evolved the current solution for connections to the H7 lamp incorporating a cover that acts as a secondary lock in the 2633535 connector.

The connector will be minimally modified so that the connection can work with or without the cover. The assembly of the cover ensures the terminals are in position and acts as a secondary lock between the terminal and the connector.  

The implementation of the secondary lock in all connectors is a fundamental requirement for all connecting solutions on the automotive market.

Currently, Escubedo has the mostly widely implemented solutions on the market.

Escumex achieves TS-16949 certification

Escubedo’s subsidiary in Mexico has achieved AENOR ISO/TS 16949 certification: manufacturing parts using plastic injection and sub-assemblies. This international standard is the highest benchmark for quality management systems for the car industry.

The new Escumex certificate is added to the ISO 9001:2008 certificate: manufacturing parts using plastic injection and sub-assemblies and also marketing products for the electrical harness industry.  Escubedo sends its congratulations to the entire Escumex team.


Escuasia agreement for serving clients in China


After several years collaborating with Shanghai Welconn Company, Escubedo has reached an agreement to serve all of the clients in China through the Escuasia subsidiary.

Over coming weeks, we will give our clients details of the new structure and the change of ordering from Shanghai Welconn to Escuasia. The process will be carried out gradually, starting this month of October and will be complete before the end of the year.

Escubedo would like to thank Shanghai Welconn for the great work it has done. Its commitment, work and effort have helped to provide an excellent service to our clients.

With the aim of strengthening our capabilities and widening our structure in the Chinese market, part of the Shanghai Welconn team will join Escuasia.

Escubedo redesigns the connection of the H4 lamp

Escubedo has redesigned the connection of the H4 lamp to apply the secondary lock requirement that is fundamental for all connecting solutions on the car market.

The redesign has created new terminals, applying low insertion solutions with flat contacts, creating the references 5365.XX and 5367.XX.

With regard to the connector, the standard 2805310 is maintained for UP-STA terminals, creating the new reference 2805410 for the new low insertion terminals. Furthermore, the references 2805510 and 2805610 have been created with covers that act as a secondary lock for both types of terminals.

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