Escunews - July 2015 edition

Escuasia, Escubedo’s new subsidiary in China

The huge growth in the Asian market in recent years has led Escubedo to embark on one of the company’s most ambitious and exciting adventures to date: setting up its new subsidiary in China: ESCUBEDO (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.

With the aim of giving the best possible service to all of our customers in eastern Asia, Escubedo has opened a warehouse in Jiading (Shanghai), under the management of Lluis Ybero (, a professional with a long history at Escubedo and a wealth of experience in the connection systems market.


Escubedo presents the UP-TP SEK3 range


Escubedo has evolved its most successful range in recent years, the low insertion UP-TP range, and is now pleased to present the UP-TP SEK3 range that, based on the simple design of its predecessor, has incorporated a self-locking mechanism to take another step forward in the progress of low insertion connectors.

The design of the terminal enables both its manual disconnection as with a connector and its application in RAST 5 connections. Moreover, one of the key features for Escubedo is that the design enables the use of nickel-plated steel in the manufacture of these terminals, maintaining the self-locking function.

These terminals are designed in a standard version in terms of insertion effort, and a soft version which, with fewer electric features, enables even lower insertion efforts.

You can find out more on our website, at

New General Director of Escubedo in Brazil

In August this year, Escubedo will have a new General Director in its subsidiary in Brazil, Escubras. Aritz Nogues has overseen the management of Escubras with great success and professionalism. He now passes the baton on to Eduard Baulida.

From the team at Escubedo, firstly, we would like to thank Aritz Nogues for the great work that has been done over the years that he has been at the helm of Escubras and we wish him the best of luck in the new professional and personal adventures that he will embark on from this point onwards.

Secondly, we would like to welcome Eduard Baulida, a professional with a great deal of experience in foreign subsidiaries and an in-depth knowledge of our products. He will dedicate his great capacity to the project in order to successfully meet our next challenge in Brazil, which involves starting to manufacture products locally for the Brazilian market.

You can contact Eduard Baulida at


Escubras takes part once again in the FIEE in São Paulo


At the event, Escubedo presented its latest advances in terms of product development and was able to reconfirm the importance of the FIEE in the sector, based on the number of visits from current and potential customers. In addition, the event gave Escubras the chance to showcase the great work that the company has done in the Brazilian market.

Escubedo would like to take this opportunity to thank the Company KOMAX for its cooperation by displaying our company’s terminals at its stand at the FIEE, the third time in a row that KOMAX has done so.

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