Escunews - March 2015 Edition

Escubedo to take part in the 28th FIEE in São Paulo

The 28th International Electric, Electronic, Energy and Automation Trade Fair is one of the main international fairs where important technological advances in the sector are presented. Escubras, Escubedo's Brasilian subsidiary will attend this prestigious event once more, highlighting the company's differential value: quality and attendance flexibility, as well as contributing solutions and technology for its customers.

At the last edition of FIEE there were 60 000 participants and 630 stands from 17 countries. This time round it is going to take place in São Paulo (Brazil) from 23rd until 27th March 2015.


Overmoulded 3-way connector


Escubedo has implemented a completely automatic line for the manufacturing of a 3-way connector for PCB.

This is an automatic process in which the pins manufactured at Escubedo's plant are inserted in the mould to perform the overmoulding process. After the overmoulding is complete, the connector is removed from the mould to perform an artificial vision control of 100% of the pieces.

This connector is assembled in a PCB plate designed to be a component in the automotive sector.

New UP TP SEK 3 range

With this range of 6.3 mm female connectors, Escubedo advances in the low insertion connections and introduces a soft insertion series so that these terminals can be connected to multi-way terminals that do not have high electrical requirements.

What's more, these terminals have a manual self-locking mechanism and connector/protector. This means that ferric materials can be used and they can efficiently and economically be  situated for the first time in the safety terminal market for high-temperature environments with a high electrical capacity.