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Statement Coronavirus COVID-19

Guidelines to follow to minimize the possibility of transmission.

After the latest news on the involvement of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Escubedo SAU states:

  • Taking into account the situation in which we find ourselves, Escubedo SAU is sensitive to mateixa and will take the most appropriate measures to guarantee the health and safety of all. Once an Official Protocol is established, we will communicate it.
  • From this moment and until the situation is normalized, the following activities are prohibited:
  1. External visits to Escubedo SAU.
  2. Make visits for work reasons to any foreign company.
  3. Meetings.

     In order to minimize the possibility of transmission.

  • It is necessary to maintain the productive activity unless there is a clear position of the administrations to stop the activity.
  • The following protocol is established for the entry of material and control of carriers:
    • Carriers, like any external person, are prohibited from entering the facilities without prior authorization.
    • They must remain in the vehicle until a warehouse worker authorizes them to get off.
    • Carriers must wear protective elements, gloves and masks.
    • Telematic acceptance of any documentation will be attempted.

Thank you all for your collaboration.