Q&A with Esteve Vaello

We speak with our Sales Director about Escubedo's relationship with customers

After the Q&A with Jordi Escubedo, today it is Esteve Vaello, Escubedo's Sales Director since 2020, who responds to a brief questionnaire. Before taking on this role, from 2014 to 2020, Esteve was the key account manager responsible for international clients.

Let's find out with him how our relationship with clients is and how it has evolved.


  • How would you define Escubedo's relationship with its clients? Is it key to success in the current market?

The relationship with clients is a very close one, based on trust and mutual assistance. Achieving this relationship is key to Escubedo's evolution, as it enhances our value. Escubedo's growth cannot be understood without this relationship. All ideas or products developed by Escubedo, which have led to its growth, stem from the trust our clients place in us to meet their needs.

  • Has this close relationship with clients led Escubedo to specialize in customized products? How has this product line evolved?

Without a doubt. The combination of close proximity to the client, the trust we have with them, and our flexibility at all levels means we are always open to listening to any need. This leads us to develop products together with them and thus expand our catalog of customized products, as well as our own products.

  • Which markets are responding best to the custom product innovations proposed by Escubedo?

Escubedo mainly delivers products to two major markets, home appliances and automotive. Customized products are more prevalent in the automotive sector, as it is a sector that is constantly renewing itself, so investment in this aspect is more apparent. The home appliance sector has also responded significantly to our custom product service. However, the renewal of components in this sector is more spaced out over time. This means there is less innovation, but the products have a longer lifespan.