New UP SI/OS Range

Assembled and Overmolded Connectors for Appliances

Technical information - General Features:

Pitch - 10 mm
Ways - 3 Poles (L, N, GND)
Position of Poles 
   Central Contact - Protection Grounding 
   Lateral Contact - Line/Neutral (not polarized)
Locking Feature - Power Socket

The new UP SI/OS range of assembled and overmolded connector appliances, designed according to EN 60320-1, allows the manufacturer to disattach the cable from the appliance using a standard connector.

Its plug is intended to be overmolded as an ending connection of Power Cords. Connection between the wires of the Power Cord and Plug is made through crimped connections before being overmolded.

The socket intended to be assembled in a panel as an inlet connection of multiple electronic components of final appliances.  It is designed to adapt itself to different kind of tabs for Phase, Neutral and Earthing (6,3x0,8 Tabs orientation and position can change according to type of appliance it is intended to be assembled.)

The socket is designed to be assembled to the appliances from the interior without the need of any screw using the sliding fixation. The screws are needed just to assure the grounding contact as an obligation of EN 60320-1 Standard.

There's another option designed to be assembled to the appliances by screwing. With various contact and fixation methods, the socket can be adapted to different needs.

As it is assembled from the interior, you can create the harness and assemble to the socket. And afterwards, assemble the socket to the appliance easily.

As the connection of the plug is reversible, in case of inverted connection, the powered contacts will also remain reversed as a consequence.

All this leads to the following features: 

  • Diversity of usage area 
  • Reversible connection for plug
  • Reduction of assembly cost
  • Assembly of main harness into the socket can be made in harness maker
  • Prevention of contact failure
  • A secure connection with lower contact resistance and easy plugging