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New product datasheets on our website

The automated generation and updating of datasheets is a great new internal development that has a positive impact on our customers.

Following several months of hard work, we’ve managed to implement a new system for the automated generation and updating of the datasheets of all the products we have on our website.

For customers and users of the Escubedo website, this development means datasheets with clearer and better organised information. By way of example, whereas until now the maximum current value was only available for references, it will now be shown for every finished product. Furthermore, the regulations fulfilled by the product in question will be displayed individually and more clearly. In order to make it more straightforward for users to read data, we’ve converted our old table of compatibilities into a list and given the graphs a less cluttered look.

Another development is that all our connectors will soon have their own datasheets.

Internally, the fact that product datasheets can be generated automatically and massively from our website database is a huge development that will save us a lot of time that can be devoted instead to providing our customers with even better service.

We’re currently in the process of updating our datasheets and hope to have them available for viewing and downloading within a few weeks.