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  • Marc Figuerola joins Escubedo as Stamp Production Planner

Marc Figuerola joins Escubedo as Stamp Production Planner

We introduce this important figure for the company and we interview him to find out his vision.

Optimize, optimize and optimize to improve the service given to our customers. At Escubedo we are very clear about our priority and we add a new member to our team to continue making it a reality: Marc Figuerola.

Marc assumes the responsibility of Production Planner of the Stamping plant to continue improving our processes, achieving optimal production deadlines and levels while making the most of all available resources.

Marc's training as an Industrial Organization Engineer and his experience as a manager and R&D in production and processes, in addition to his personal qualities, make him the ideal figure for the position. Welcome Marc!

· Why Escubedo?

It is a prestigious and recognized company within the sector that is committed to expansion, innovation, excellence and sustainability. Four key and necessary factors today. We also share the same work philosophy, seeking innovation, optimization and organization of production processes to provide the best product and service to our customers.

· What is your main challenge in this new position?

Optimize and manage production so that Escubedo continues to be a benchmark in the market, giving the best service to our clients, meeting the deadlines and the required quality.

· Tell us a little about your experience in international markets.

In international markets there is a lot of competition that is constantly evolving and there are continuous changes. This makes you constantly learn and therefore helps the company to continue growing, since it urges you to innovate, optimize and manage processes. This fact is stimulating andgenerates the desire to continue fighting and striving to continue improving and growing to achieve excellence.


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