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Judit Coma, new head of the customer service department

At Escubedo we continue to focus on enhancing the human value of our team.

If we recently announced that we have expanded the customer service department with three new additions, today we communicate new and important news for the team. Judit Coma, with more than 20 years of experience in customer service at Escubedo, assumes the responsibility of heading this department.

We are convinced that Judit's new role will be vital to always remain faithful to our goal of offering the best service to our customers throughout the purchase process, including after-sales service.

Next, we take the opportunity to talk with Judit about how she is facing this new stage.

How do you value the more than 2 decades working in Escubedo customer service?

It is a constant learning. It has personally given me personal and professional growth. As in all professions, there are very good moments and not so good moments due to the tension that - in very specific cases - can generate the fact of not delivering the orders according to the client's needs.

As every day is different and you have to adapt to new situations, I always try to be effective with joy and kindness and, even if I cannot give the answer that the client needs, I want them to be happy with the service. I personally feel it's very rewarding when I can attend the customer's needs and I'm able to please them.

On more than one occasion, due to the almost daily contact with the same person, a very close and enriching telephone friendship bond has been created.

How has the department evolved in all this time?

I have seen how over the years, the company gradually expanded on several occasions. The department has had to grow as the company grew. I have lived the different extensions of Escubedo. At the beginning we were a small team and with the years we have been more. And who knows...

What are the main challenges you want to achieve in this new position?

Further improve customer service: improving delivery times and reaching 100% of the emergency deadline. Consolidate the team: I think that stability in the team gives us experience and better customer service.