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Inside Escubedo's new corporate headquarters

A video shows how the new corporate offices and industrial premises in Girona are working at full capacity.

The new corporate headquarters have been up and running for more than half a year now and the entire Escubedo team has adapted perfectly to them.

The change has meant a qualitative leap for all departments in different aspects. On the one hand, we have more space, as we now have 7,000 m² more, distributed among the corporate offices, the Engineering and Production departments, and the warehouse. On the other hand, we have automated and optimised the logistics processes thanks to the incorporation of Weasel® robots and a new palletiser, also robotised. Last but not least, we have improved lighting, comfort and ergonomics.

If you are already a customer of Escubedo and want to see the new corporate headquarters in person, you can contact our Commercial Department to organize a visit to the new facilities.