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Esteve Vaello, new sales manager at Escubedo

A safe bet to lead the commercial and market strategies.

An industrial engineer from the Universidad Politècnica de Catalunya, Esteve Vaello has more than ten years of experience managing technical projects and clients. In addition, he knows our product in depth, the sector in which we operate and the markets we target, as he has been part of the Escubedo team for six years and has more than proved his worth in our Sales Department as head of international clients. This is why we have full confidence in Esteve to lead Escubedo's new market and commercial strategies and leave the management of the entire Commercial Department to him.

With the appointment of Esteve Vaello as new Sales Manager at Escubedo, we also want to reaffirm our commitment to internal talent and the promotion of our own workers. The fact is that Escubedo's team is, without a doubt, one of the company's greatest values, allowing us to take on new challenges and go further year after year.