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Escubedo SAU adapts to the new harmonized AMFE

Our technical team refines knowledge on the AMFEs based on the VDA and AIAG manuals with Bidea Automotive SL.

At Escubedo SAU we are constantly training to adapt to the new harmonized AIAG / VDA AMFE with the aim that our connection systems are designed and manufactured following the latest automotive standards. For this reason, last February, several Escubedo departments, such as Engineering and Quality, carried out a two-day training course on the new AMFE harmonized with Bidea Automotive SL.

The new harmonized AMFE aims to standardize the process for carrying out AMFEs so that the design of products and processes is more coherent and much more focused on meeting the needs and expectations of customers. European and American manufacturers' product suppliers (OEMs) are required to conduct AMFEs based on the VDA and AIAG manuals.

The Escubedo technical team has been able to see the differences between the current AMFE and the new harmonized method and its practical application, thanks to this training from Bidea Automotive SL, a company specialized in consulting, implementation and training in quality methods and systems for the Automotive industry.