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Escubedo guarantees delivery despite coronavirus

Escubedo connection systems are distributed normally to all customers.

It has been a week since the Escubedo delegation in China has reopened its doors and is again at full capacity. EscuAsia, located in Shanghai, has been closed for three weeks as a precaution and at all times following the instructions of the Chinese government. Although the Chinese market is stationary, Escubedo operates 100% in both China and the rest of the world and can guarantee the supply of its connection systems to all markets globally.

Italy, the European country most affected so far by the coronavirus, has begun to apply trade restrictions, but today they are not affecting Escubedo, which is distributing its products to all customers and markets with total normality.

Escubedo designs, manufactures and distributes connection systems for the automotive, electrical appliance and electronic markets to over 50 countries. With six delegations, in addition to its headquarters, Escubedo can give a customized and close treatment to all its clients. From the head office in Catalonia it covers southern Europe and North Africa, from the Swedish subsidiary EscuNordic supplies to northern Europe, from Turkey with EscuTurco reaches the Middle East, from Brazil with EscuBras supplies all of South America, from Mexico With EscuMex it distributes to Central America, with EscubedoUSA in the United States it serves North America and with EscuAsia it responds to the Chinese market.

Precisely because of its presence in different countries and the international scope of its products, Escubedo closely follows the evolution of the coronavirus around the world to take appropriate measures if necessary.