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Communication to prevent cybercrimes

Escubedo prevents its partners against fraudulent attempts and phishing email scams.

Dear partners,

As you know, Hacker's Cybercrimes are constantly threating the companies, so we need to be protect against that.

During recent weeks, we have been informed of a rising number of fraudulent attempts and phishing email scams, specially related to changes on the payment conditions like, for example, bank account number changes.

That’s why we would like to inform you that Escubedo has not changed, and it’s not planning to change anything related to it.

So, unless you receive a personal communication from an Escubedo employee, please double-check with us if you receive any email communication linked with payment conditions changes.

Let us point out that Escubedo is not affected by this situation, the intention of this letter is to prevent your company, and ours, from it.

Thanks for your collaboration and regards.