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Communication about customers' orders

At Escubedo we will work with 4 week firm orders during May and June 2020, so orders cannot be modified during this period.

Escubedo encourages its customers to go through this unusual and difficult COVID-19 situation that we all have to deal with, wishing you stay safe and healthy.

The current situation leads Escubedo to have no visibility of what the market is going to need in the near future, which is basic to be able to guarantee next deliveries.

The job done during the last 6 weeks has helped us to have a big overview of your needs during the following 4 weeks. Considering this information, and also taking into account the monthly demand recurrence of our products, Escubedo has decided to work with 4 week firm orders during May and June 2020.

Based on that, Escubedo will not be able to modify any order inside this 4 weeks period, so we ask you to update your orders, if needed, from the fifth week onwards.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt and thanks for your comprehension and collaboration.