Coaching with Joana Frigolé

The heads of department of Escubedo participate in coaching and training sessions with the help of psychologist and coach Joana Frigolé.

Psychologist, coach and lecturer Joana Frigolé conducted two group coaching sessions focused on leadership and influence skills to all heads of department of Escubedo. Leading and coordinating work teams is not an easy task. With Joana Frigolé, they learned to develop skills to generate collaboration, involvement and commitment in work teams, working on aspects of communication, labour relations and motivation, among others.

Having the knowledge and experience of Joana Frigolé is a privilege. Surely the accompaniment received by the heads of department of Escubedo will help them generate conscious leadership, which will bring value to the team and the company.

These training sessions took place in a fantastic setting, El Nus de Pedra, a rural accommodation in Llorà with a very well-conditioned meeting room for companies. In addition, all attendees enjoyed the catering services of Summum Sublim.

No doubt, these were two really revealing and enriching days. Looking forward to moving forward!