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Arburg's ALS software in Escubedo's plastic injection section

A new step forward for digitizing processes to become a 4.0 company.

In response to the goal of digitizing all processes as much as possible and become a 4.0 company, Escubedo installed the ALS plant control software of its main injection machine supplier, Arburg, in the plastic injection section.

As a modular tool for production management based on new standards in the area of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) for the manufacturing of injectable parts, Arburg's ALS software allows us to plan and control the whole production of our plastic injection section, reducing downtime. Furthermore, it adapts to our needs and grows in parallel with our production. On the other hand, it summarises data on orders in progress, work shifts and production quality, which also helps us meet delivery deadlines.

Escubedo has been working for years with Arburg, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality injection machines for plastic processing. That's why we've relied on them to install their ALS plant control software in our plastic injection section; and so far, it's proving to be a success.