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ADMA Europe interview with Jordi Escubedo

ADMA Europe (European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre) interviewed Jordi Escubedo, CEO of Escubedo.

The interview is about the scanning made by ADMA at Escubedo SAU to determine company’s current digitization level and evaluate the possibility of adopting measures to improve along this line.

All this is the result of an initiative by the European Commission to help SMEs assess the possibility of adopting both advanced manufacturing solutions and social innovation strategies, thus transforming their organisation into new generation factories with more competitive, modern and sustainable production. This led to the creation of ADMA Europe, a European advanced manufacturing support centre, to carry out this task. Escubedo actively participates in this initiative, so necessary and important for the future of companies in our challenge of becoming a 4.0 company.

Read the full ADMA Europe interview with Jordi Escubedo.