2021 pricing communication

Escubedo maintains the base price of products during the first quarter of 2021, despite the current uncertainty caused by COVID.

Dear Partner,

At first, let us wish you stay healthy and your production has not been too much affected by this second COVID wave. As you know, this pandemic has caused a very unstable situation in all markets, causing, in our case, a very large increase in manufacturing costs.

On the other hand, metal and plastic raw material suppliers are also transferring us an uncertain future in their transformation costs.

Escubedo is doing everything possible to avoid transferring those cost increases to the final product price, but the uncertainty that the market teaches us for 2021 means we cannot ensure it in the future.

Based on that, Escubedo has decided not to increase the base price of the products for the first quarter of 2021 but opens the door to analyse them from Q2 2021 onwards where we hope to have greater visibility of the market reaction.

Do not hesitate to contact the Escubedo sales department for any questions.