Escunews - May 2014 Edition

Launch of new website and corporate video

Escubedo, SA has launched a new website. The aim of this renovation is to improve the usability of the website and facilitate our customers' search for information. In addition, we have created a more intuitive and visual website. Proof of this is the video we present on the cover and the creation of a YouTube channel. Our goal is to demonstrate the quality and efficiency of our processes to offer our customers the finest product in the best conditions.

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Solutions added to stamping


Our engineering and R&D departments have created a new solution for the insertion of riveted silver contacts into metal strips. The process makes it possible to insert silver contacts into the printed parts without affecting the high production rhythm of stamping. The silver wire is cut by the die, which in turn inserts and rivets the contact for its final configuration.

These parts are destined basically to the automotive and electrical appliance markets.

Continuous overmoulding processes

In recent months we have begun to apply continuous overmoulding processes on stamped terminal strips in our plant. The process commences with the production of the metal inserts, which once manufactured are wound ready for the overinjection process. The metal strip with the inserts is introduced into an injection mould in which a PA66 loaded with Mb overinjects the necessary plastic into the inserts.

This injection is carried out with hot nozzles activated by needle valves. When the overinjection has ended, the parts pass through a vision control system which verifies 100% of the batch and through a final cutting station.

These parts are destined to sensors for the automotive market.


Implantation of Qlikview


Escubedo has implanted the Qlikview system as Business Intelligence software for data analysis. This application enables us to obtain a direct analysis of the main parameters of our processes, establishing indicators and control panels quickly and easily.

The implantation of this system will have a progressive effect on the analysis of all the procedures and business activities of Escubedo, SA, and will improve our efficiency and operativity.

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