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Robotised cell to manufacture moulds

The cell allows for a considerable increase in the manufacturing capacity and a reduction in delivery times

After several months of working in conjunction with one of the leading companies in the industry, Escubedo has launched a totally robotised working cell to manufacture moulds for the injection of thermoplastics.

Once the thermoplastic mould has been designed, the line allows work orders to be sent directly to the mechanisation machines. The functions of this line, which consists of an HSM machine and a penetration machine, are first to order and execute the jobs of manufacturing electrodes, and secondly to manufacture pieces in a totally automated fashion.

This automated mould manufacturing process offers the following advantages:

  • It reduces possible mechanisation errors.
  • It optimises the work of the lines.
  • It increases the flexibility of the entire mechanisation process.
  • It considerably reduces delivery times in the execution of new moulds.

Investments like these reinforce Escubedo’s policy of making connectors for the automobile industry and specific designs for the household appliance market.